Warehouse equipment

To complete our Forklift Truck range, Hyundai now launches new warehouse equipment. Now you can rely on Hyundai quality for all your warehousing needs from electric pallet trucks to stackers, tow trucks and reach trucks.

  • Electric pallet trucks

    Electric pallet trucks

    Small, manoevrable, with load capacity up to 2,2 tonnes, Hyundai's electric pallet trucks are ideally suited for your warehousing needs. Discover our full range of warehouse equipmen…

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  • Pallet Stacker

    Pallet Stackers

    With few space and packed warehouses, precision and manoevrability is the key. Discover Hyundai's full range of Pallet Stackers and lifters. Discover our full range of warehouse equi…

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  • Tow trucks

    Tow trucks

    Maximize the productivity of your business with Hyundai's full range of powerful and agile electric towing and platform trucks. Discover our full range of warehouse equipment.

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  • Reach trucks

    Reach trucks

    Ready for a good stretch? The Hyundai reach trucks are rugged, productive, lean-and-mean lifting machines. Designed for the European market, it delivers optimum productivity, relia…

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